Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sansarpur, a golden village.

Sansarpur, a golden village.

Sansarpur is a small village in jalandhar district inPunjab(India) . It is Present on parafree of Jalandhar Cantt.

History of Village : According to Reaserch Scholar, Dr. Popinder Singh Kullar this village is around 300 years old. Five families at that time came to this village and descendants of them are called 'Kullar'(jatsikh).

Sansarpur has population of around 5000.

The village in his glorious days produced 14 Hockey Olympic players, which reperesented India,kenya and canada in the Olympics. And all olympians were Kullar(jat-sikh). It has also produced 15 international players.It produced the larget number of olympians from India, no village has produced this much number of quality players. It is also known as mecca of indian hockey. Dr. Popinder Singh Kullar resident of sansarpur has done research on village sansarpur. In one olympic 7 players of sansarpur played hockey in olympics. 5 from india and 2 from kenya. But now due lack of support of Indian govt. and lack of facilities like astro turf , its standard is falling.

Photo : Sansarpur Olympians(Tarsem Singh kullar, Col. Balbir Singh kullar, Jagkit Singh Kullar, DIG Balbir Singh Kullar, Ajitpal Singh Kullar)